Design Basics: Always Take Notes At Meetings


Creative News   •   September 4th, 2018

Taking notes at meetings is an absolute must. I learnt a long time ago that my mind and memory isn’t as good as I thought it was and there’s just nothing worse than coming away from a great productive meeting, making really great client-supplier connections, only to have to ring and email back someone at the meeting to get specifics you forgot to take notes on. Also, like being back at school (centuries ago now), there’s something about when you write something down on paper it sinks into the cavity of your brain just that bit better.

Keeping It Simple

Just write the key points when you are taking notes. There’s no need to over complicate things and make your notes like a novel or short story, I normally keep it bullet points, with maybe a rough sketch or doodle alongside to help support the point or concept. Notes are nothing unless you .isten carefully to your client when they are, most often, rambling on about their needs, but from this rambling, it’s important that you learn to hear and pick out the key points and these are what need to put down in the notes, not every single thing that is said.

  • Make easy to read and understand at a glance bulleted notes.

  • Add simple, descriptive doodles or sketches if necessary.

  • Try not to over explain and wrap yourself up in knots. Simple is best

iCloud Notes is the Future…

As I mentioned above I loved taking notes at my meetings so as to make sure I got the most accurate info I could and that I wouldn’t be bothering my clients following up on details I neglected to get. But the problem with paper is that it all is contained usually in one note book or multiple notebooks and pieces of paper can get torn out and lost and you know how it goes.

About 1 year ago I invested in a brand new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil with my notes app all synced to the iCloud and I have never looked back since. Not only now do my notes exist on a large storage device, so I never really will run out of storage, my notes are also now synced as I actually write and doodle to the Cloud and on all my other Apple devices, MacPro, MacBook Pro and iPhone, and if I edit on any device, it’s also updated on all my devices. This to me is one of the best workflow upgrades I ever made to the way I take notes on projects with my clients.

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